As a contemporary luxury label, Sterling & Singh takes the issue of sustainability seriously. With a mandate to create conscious and ethical clothing, the brand adheres to the highest standards in ethical production. Our credentials ensure respect to both the environment and those we employ in our production processes.

The Juanita: How a Sterling Dress is Made from Sterling & Singh on Vimeo.

Our production is kept within the UK at ethical manufacturing sites with the strongest code of conduct. Our designs are made on demand in London, thus eliminating waste of surplus stock. Once the current run of fabric becomes unavailable, we mark that SKU as sold out and cease production until the next delivery of fabric arrives. We use offcuts to create new products, thus minimizing fabric waste. 

While printing is kept to a minimum, our documents and lookbooks are produced on 100% Post Consumer Recycled Fiber (PCRF) to limit the impact on our environment.  We have efficient recycling systems and monitor energy consumption on the premises to ensure our business operates in a mindful way.

Sterling & Singh prides itself on conscious luxury, creating timeless clothing to treasure. Our ethos is to buy less, buy better – Sterling & Singh create investment pieces to last.